Why do people use makeup?

Beauty and makeup artistry is done in a way that presents the best characteristics of a person.

People wear makeup to look younger, the skin looks clean, physically healthy and promotes sexual arousal.

Makeup is not only about physical enhancement, it is also about psychological enhancement.

Makeup has the ability to change the face and make someone look younger.

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Natural skin

Skin is a protective shield of the human body. Skin care is our first duty. The first thing you see or you see that someone is their skin, lips and eyes. Skin that glows and cheeks that are pink portray health. Pink cheeks give a feeling of innocence, beauty, and until you go overboard, So that you look embarrassed, pink cheeks will enhance your look.

How do you recognize the initial signs of kidney failure?

A person has to face many problems due to kidney failure. Those seen as symptoms of kidney failure. The following symptoms of kidney failure are seen right from the begin-nine, which can be identified and get rid of this serious disease soon!

Kidney performs many essential functions in our body such as clearing blood, strengthening bones, balancing waste products and building red blood cells. But due to many reasons, this most important part of our body gets spoiled. Some common causes such as diabetes, kidney failure, increased blood pressure, excessive intake of analgesics, smoking, drinking alcohol, not taking balanced diet, drinking less water, heart disease, more anxiety. Occur.





Burning during urination - If you have severe pain

with urinary tract irritation while urinating, it is due

to urinary infection and presence of more waste

products in the urine. If you are struggling with such

a problem, be careful, because either you have a

urinary infection or your kidney is going to get

damaged soon.

 Difficulty in breathing - When the kidney                                                         becomes bad, the body of water starts                                                               increasing. This water gets deposited                                                                   more in the lungs than other                                                                                 organs. Due to the excessive amount of                                                             water in the lungs, breathing becomes                                                               difficult. If you suddenly feel chest                                                                         heaviness and difficulty in breathing,                                                                   then this is a clear indication of kidney                                                                 failure.

High fever with cold - If you have a

high fever with a shivering cold or

keep on going - this is a clear indication

of the kidney not working properly.

Smelling urine - If you suddenly start                                                                    having a strong smelly urine for a                                                                        long time, it means that the kidneys                                                                      are not getting their work                                                                                        properly. That is, she is going to be                                                                        spoiled. Change your diet                                                                                       immediately.

Frequent vomiting - If a person has

frequent vomiting with severe stomach

pain, this kidney symptom indicates kidney

failure. When this happens, see the doctor

immediately. Note that this condition can

be caused due to many reasons like indigestion,

due to production of toxic substances in food, etc.

                                                              Swelling in some parts of the body - If the 

                                                        kidney gets bad, some parts of the body,                                                            such as the waist, around the eyes and                                                              especially the legs, get swollen. This is due                                                          to increase in the amount of uric acid in                                                            the body.

Difficulty in passing urine - In the case of 

kidney problem, the patient may urinate

frequently or he does not get urine for a

long time, due to increase or decrease in

the amount of water in the body.

 Change in color of urine - Usually the color of urine changes many times, but this happens only for a short                                                            time. But if such a long time goes on,                                                                    then it indicates kidney failure, in                                                                          such a case, the color of urine                                                                              becomes thick. Feeling of frequent                                                                      urination - When you start to feel                                                                          frequent urination, but not having it                                                                      affects your kidney.

Severe abdominal pain - If your stomach suddenly has unbearable pain on the right or left side, see your doctor immediately. This is a big sign of kidney failure.

Protein in urine - If protein starts coming in the urine, it indicates kidney failure. In this case, the color of urine can change, such as yellow and dark orange. In addition, there is thick or foamy urine, which indicates proteinuria.

Skin rashes and itching - Although these                                              symptoms are symptoms of many                                                              diseases, but due to the formation of                                                                  toxins in the body due to kidney failure, it                                                            starts rashes and itching on the skin.                                                                    (online source)

Changes in the amount of urine - If you get less or more urine than daily, do not take this problem lightly. A person often gets small amounts of urine due to kidney problems, while some people get yellow colour urine at night. Some people feel the pressure of urination but do not. This is a clear indication of all kidney failure.

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